port eliot

The Cinematologists: Port Eliot Festival

This past weekend I represented the little collective that Dario Llinares and I set up earlier this year at a superb literary, arts and music festival here in Cornwall. Dario was sunning himself in Croatia, reading some Hunter S. Thompson that I bought him, as I talked to the Good Doctor's old compadre Ralph Steadman for our podcast.

That was one highlight on a weekend that also saw me talk with Simon Armitage, Caroline Catz, Ceri Levy, Gavin Pretor-Pinney of The Cloud Appreciation Society, Tom Shone and 3-time Oscar winner Sandy Powell.

Interviewing Ralph Steadman, a real hero of mine, was an honour. He was lovely - funny and friendly. I was nervous but think I held it together. He signed my copy of his book about Hunter in his inimitable style and watching him work was mesmerising. Something I will never forget. 

The interview with Tom Shone was great. We talked about Woody Allen as Tom has just written a book on him, due out soon. That was the best film interview I did. The one with Sandy Powell might have been, had I not clammed up midway through. It was a stressful weekend and she was very gracious.

Talking with Simon Armitage was a joy. He is someone I am increasingly interested by and both his voice and manner were soothing and intimate. A lovely experience.

Caroline Catz and I mostly talked about music films, which was great fun.

I hope we can find a way of getting all this onto the airwaves at some point but there is a lot of stuff. Not least because there's also the small question of the Point Blank event we ran. The filmmaker Mark Jenkin guest hosted with me and it was a blast. Even if the audio in the venue was a bit quiet. It was strange and nice to screen it for an audience of curious folk, few of whom were cinephiles and none of whom were undergraduate students. It made me simultaneously appreciate the core event screenings we run and excited to get the thing on the road for diverse crowds of filmgoers. 

I'll update here when the podcast (most likely a two-parter) drops.