The Cinematologists: Season 9 Highlights & New(ish) Projects

Season 9 is in full swing and I wanted to draw attention to some of the episodes because it feels like we are really pushing into new and exciting territory with the podcast. We recently concluded two three-parters, a double trilogy if you will, and within all that material is some of our best and most exciting and most original material to date.


We seized on the chance afforded by press accreditation to go to town at the 2019 Berlin film festival. it was a really magical experience personally. It felt like a culmination of a a strand of my personal trajectory as a film critic, covering a major film festival on my own terms. Recording and editing on the go, talking with filmmakers and fellow critics and getting it all on tape was exhilarating. I’m eternally grateful for Dario for his support and it was awesome that he made it out and did a great first episode featuring his exploits.

The whole Berlinale collection can be heard here.

BFI Comedy Genius

The latest episode up now, is the final of three we recorded in partnership with the BFI Fan Network. We delivered 3 episodes with BFI funding around the theme of comedy. The first two episodes were traditional Cinematologists episodes around Duck Soup and then Clueless, with film critic and friend Ryan Gilbey picking and co-presenting the latter screening. The final episode was pretty new territory for us though, a real exploration. Over the period the BFI season ran, November through February, I recorded various filmmakers, critics, academics and others discussing their favourite screen performances for an episode that was largely them, interspersed with clips from said films. It was so much fun (and work!) listening to passionate people discussing what makes them laugh. There were some obvious favourite moments personally, but most thrilling was listening to Dario discuss Jack Nicholson’s performance in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. It’s a great piece of audio criticism and reminiscence and another reminder of how lucky I am to collaborate with him on this thing.

Anyway. We’ve got a lot of episodes now, and I’m proud of all of them, but if I had to say start somewhere, I’d point you here to these episodes. I mean, who doesn’t need a good laugh and some escapism right now?

Check out our BFI episode (and find all recent episodes) over at our home on Podbean here.

New(ish) Projects

In a previous post I announced mine and Dario and Richard Berry’s book on podcasting was out. Well I’m pleased to announce the accompanying podcast season has now been launched and is now live. The series and adjacent twitter account is titled New Aural Cultures, the subtitle of the book, and Dario and I hope it becomes a locus of activity around our burgeoning research into podcasting in/and academia. On that horizon there are some exciting projects on the horizon that it’s WAY too early to talk about but we hope that they will come online soon and tag on to the activity we are doing now. We’ve already had people interested in publishing under the New Aural Cultures banner, which is exciting and validating. The first episode is the three of us as book editors talking thematically about podcasting as a companion piece. You can listen here or below:

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