The Cinematologists: Season 8 Preview & Podcasting Book

Season 8

We (Dario and me) are sitting in a cafe in Falmouth as I write this, making plans for the new season, which will be number 8, incredibly. 

We are investing in new equipment courtesy of our loyal Patreon subscribers, working out how we can make the most of the developments, opportunities, partnerships and growth we've experienced and benefitted from over the first 7 seasons, and working out how we can get the podcast out to even more listeners via Spotify and different hosting platforms.

Content wise we are looking at what we do and how we can be smarter in terms of managing workload but also maximising the impact of having so many great people wanting to participate and screen films for the show. The brilliant Andrew Kötting episode that Dario oversaw made us think about the structure of our shows, and we've also been rethinking what the bonus episodes should be so that our subscribers are getting something unique for their subscription fee.

Guests and episode wise it's going to be a really great season with superb guests hosting screenings with us, us on the road working with new and existing partners and a season where again we can hopefully introduce new films and filmic voices to audiences.

We are loving the work and the opportunities the podcast has led to and can't wait to get the new season underway. On a personal note it's also great to do this with Dario in the same room. This is a really rewarding creative and professional endeavour, mainly because of the friendship it came from and has resulted in and the shared joy and challenge it offers. Here's to season 8. Watch this space -

Podcasting Book

Over the last couple of years Dario and I have been working, with co-editor Richard Berry on an edited collection for Palgrave Macmillan on podcasting. It is the first interdisciplinary overview of the field of podcasting and incorporates theoretical analysis, case studies and interviews. Alongside editing and introduction duties I contribute an interview with acclaimed podcast innovator and comedian Richard Herring. The book can be purchased from Palgrave Macmillan here