The Cinematologists: Season 7 & Other Shenanigans

The last six months have seen some real leaps taken in the world of The Cinematologists podcast. Season 7 is underway and we've just posted episode 60, which saw us covering the documentary Brexitannia and the Right Now Film Festival who invited us to cover their event.

It was a really great episode to put together, not least because my colleague at the School of Film & Television Luke Smith came down to take some photos to capture the rare sight of me and Dario together in the wild. This is one of the great images he took:

Image - Luke Smith


It was really great to hang out with Dario and work on the podcast and do an episode live together. Before the screening at one of our partner venues The Poly, Luke shot a couple of short videos for our Patreon members and to attract some more. So yes, we've launched a Patreon and the response has been great. It's truly amazing that people are subscribing and supporting. We reckon already we can cover the cost of the website and are just really humbled that we have that kind of loyal fanbase. 

What it has meant also is that we have more outlets for short pieces of audio and written content. The two monthly newsletters we have done so far have allowed me a space to collect the month's cultural consumption that has stood out. I write about films, articles, podcasts and albums that have struck a chord and it's a great way of staying positive in the face of world and film twitter madness. 

The merchandise is coming soon. It's nearly at the top of my to do list. Mark Kermode recently told the world, well Shortlist magazine, that we were his favourite podcast. Lastly for this post, I'd like to flag up episode 56 on contemporary film criticism. I'm really proud of that one. I think it's my best editing job and think the scope of what we achieved and the calibre of guests we had on was exceptional. If you haven't, please check it out. 

I recently wrote a blog, at Dario's suggestion, that furthers the discussion and debate. It seems to be becoming something of a central interest and concern for both of us.