The Cinematologists: Season 3 Review

The final episode of our third season has just arrived and it features a Cinematologists highlight for me. I got to interview the brilliant Mark Cousins about his latest film I Am Belfast in a new direction for the podcast, reviewing contemporary releases. 

It's been another strong season I think, with some great contributions from colleagues of mine in Falmouth, and Dario's in Hastings. 

We still need to stretch our screening choices more but that's going to happen I'm sure.

Some of the interviews this season have been amazing - Kim Longinotto, Christina Newland, Kieran Evans, in addition to Cousins.

I was present at the season finale of Old Joy in Hastings, and Dario travelled down to Falmouth for the popular Ex Machina screening. 

There are numerous exciting developments in the pipeline. We are putting together an edited collection that Palgrave is interested in releasing. We are putting together a special podcast (on podcasting) for the Journal of Media Practice. 

Finally for now, we have been invited to present a screening of Broken Embraces at Curzon Bloomsbury as part of their Pedro Almodóvar season in late August. More on that nearer the time, but we can't wait. 

It's been an amazing experience so far. It's a rewarding enterprise and we seem to have really tapped into something that finds resonance. Onwards and upwards.

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