The Cinematologists: Making Waves

Last weekend the podcast broke into the top ten film and television podcasts on iTunes. This was a real surprise and a nice validation. We knew that people were listening and engaging because we'd received tweets and emails to that affect. Our 'traffic' is good and we have realised that we have stumbled upon a formula for a successful formula. I say stumbled because our plan was very loose and driven by a passion to do something in a way that we wanted, that would make us happy and provide us with a platform to discuss and disseminate our research. 

We are beyond that now and growing all the time. This is great. It's amazing to be ahead of podcasts like Bret Easton Ellis's, however fleetingly. Podcasts like that one were what inspired us to do it and taught us much about what we wanted our podcast to be. 

To know we are on the right track and that people are listening on that scale (we can't access the data for listenership from iTunes) is humbling and exciting.

Also this week we debuted on Stitcher, which is a great platform and has an android app, so our listenership should grow even more. Also this week we taped a new episode with another great guest presenter and took further steps to more events on the road in collaboration with interesting voices in the world of film and film academia.

These are exciting times for the podcast. Exciting times for me.