Filmmaker In Residence Project: Legacy 1 (Festivals & Research 1)

2017 has started with a viewing of the final, final version of the film with all the VFX shots completed and the sound mix 99.9% done. It will be 100% done pretty much by the time this goes up.

That's it then. The film is ready. The next stage is putting the film and the project out into the world. We have started submitting the film to festivals and have our first one confirmed. It will be a great place to have a world premiere and we can't wait to announce it. 

The festival really loved the film and it was a real tonic to get such a positive response from a festival where we have not screened previously and haven't used a friend to pave the way for an introduction. 

The other aspect of the film that's going out into the world is the research element. I have submitted papers on the project to a couple of conferences and will use those appearances to cultivate some journal articles.

I don't want those papers to be strict talk based presentations so now that term is back in session I will be creating more video content in the form of interviews with student participants for a YouTube channel and to create some audiovisual content for when I take the film and the project out into the academic world.

It's going to be an exciting year.