Filmmaker In Residence Project: Post-Production 2 (Tweaking)

The film is getting there. We are compiling our ideal film festival plan, awaiting VFX shots and the complete sound mix. 

The film has been through a few changes since the rough draft. We have had some amazing feedback from people, however there's been one sequence that has caused some head scratching. It's been a source of connection for viewers but there's been little consensus about what it is in particular that isn't working.

So we've been trying to fix that and we think we are nearly there. The rest of it has been tightened and sharpened a ton so that it feels right. As mentioned, the response has been really positive with everyone who has seen it so far able to see what we were trying to do, and responding to the style or the emotion or both. 

I think we have made a very particular kind of film that won't be to all tastes but stands as a testament to our desire to do something that other British filmmakers might not be doing at present.

I have gone from feeling numbing and weirdly distant from the film, to really loving it and feeling really proud of it. Working through it with Justin and getting feedback from valued peers has helped break down my initial fear of committing to saying I felt it was a good piece of work.

It was most nerve-wracking to screen it for the executive producers from the School of Film & Television who funded the film (my bosses). Their response was really encouraging. They liked the maturity and cinema of the film and want to help it get out into the world. That was a big weight off. Even though you know you have delivered an excellent educational experience, you still want people to value the content of the work. And it seems they do.

So now it's finish the film, prepare for a cast and crew screening and series of events in October. Then it's send it out into the world.

Exciting times.