Filmmaker In Residence Project: Post-Production 1 (Rough Cut)

The film is in the editing room. I've now seen the rough cut with the sequence that was shot last weekend added and it was an overwhelming experience.

My first feature film. I'm so proud of it and so proud of the work that people have done to realise my screenplay. 

It's hard to be objective at this stage. I think it's a good film - uncompromising, part of a tradition, messy, beautifully shot. The next stage is to do another cut and then share it with those whose opinions we trust implicitly to see if it works, and see if our instincts are correct. 

The first thing I saw and that we shared with a few people, including my bosses at the School of Film & Television, was a 90-second teaser. We cut together a teaser to share with our designer and the record labels whose music we wanted. 

The response to that was superb. People seem excited to see the final film and the people who I expected to respond in certain ways did so exactly as hoped, so that was good.

The educational aspects have slowed down, with a few students still doing bits and pieces. However it has been great to see staff from the School of Film & Television getting more involved and also some new students working on it in VFX capacities. Even as the final film comes together I'm still learning how people can get involved in the project and how it can be more that a simple film shoot experience. 

I'm excited to see it again, I'm excited to show it to people. I can't wait for people to see the poster, and the stills, and hear it. 

I just hope it's good.