Filmmaker In Residence Project: Pre-Production 3 (Logistics)

Following a five-hour blitz fuelled by burgers, curry, coffee and whisky the schedule and catering was smacked into shape. Personnel were allocated and actor contracts were sorted as a 1am haze descended exhausting and exhilarating us. It's time for energy, not excuses. 

The process of making this project in this way has thrown up a number of factors that needed addressing in serious ways. In the moment it is draining to be going over the minutiae in terms of tender documents and contracts one minute and organising the catering on an 11-day shoot for about 20 people per day the next but that is the nature of independent filmmaking and the lessons have been valuable in terms of understanding if this idea has longevity. 

The support has been superb from the School of Film & Television. Amazing really considering what I've asked to do. I can't quite get over it. However the reality is long days of producing a feature film and being the educational coordinator, oh and the screenwriter. But I wouldn't change it. 

Well, maybe I would change bits.

Is it just us? Is it just the way Justin and I work? Is it the same with all creative teams or are we just supremely bad at delegation and trust? There have been communication issues on all sides due to workload and finding the feet of the project. Also, there has been getting to know the students as people and working with 'students' as crew. 

The students are fascinating. Some come armed with excuses. Some go all in. Some aren't phased at all, some don't seem bothered at all. It's fascinating. A lot of the logistical work has fallen to Justin and me. This has in part been down to students declaring to do something and not following through, or taking too long. Others have waited eagerly just to be on set. Others don't seem interested in the opportunity at all.

There's nothing wrong with any of this of course, it's merely project observation. They are students, young people. The result has been a couple of students rising through the ranks as they have carved out and created opportunities to shine and impress and have an impact. There's great value in just doing a task on time and well that is often under appreciated.

I've bruised my feet, maybe a tendon. I've been trying to get around as best as possible. It's been made more difficult by needing to walk my dog twice a day but I've managed. Now as it's healing I have to try and remember how to walk properly again, hoping my muscle memory will kick back in and the tension and overextension that has been placed on other areas will ease. I'm sure there's a metaphorical or analogous meaning in there somewhere.