Filmmaker In Residence Project: We're Making It Now

It was a real treat to be up past midnight sorting through cast applications and watching self taped monologues for the roles of John and Alice in Wilderness, the feature film we are shooting this Spring.

It was a reminder of the last time Justin and I set about making a film, a time that feels a different life away but also jarringly present as the emails fly back and forth and the to-do list never feels dented. The joys of production loom.

The crew is pretty much sorted. We've worked through most of the student applications with only a few to go next week. The heads of department are pretty much locked with some exceptionally talented people on board. 

We've whittled down to a core set of potential actors and set a date aside for casting. 

1 location and 1 location/base have been secured. 

It moves forward. As Justin said in a text this morning 'so we're making it now'. It feels real. It is real.

The budget fluctuates. Between the ideal and the actual and the final piece of that jigsaw will be confirming nebulous talk of money from other areas that will help make it achievable on a tiny scale but where it doesn't kill everyone involved. In the scheme of things it is pretty micro-budget but it could do with being more than we originally thought/expressed and that's always a concern. 

The desire to get things made often leads to the promise of the impossible but we may have put ourselves in a position that is irreversible. We shall see. It's all part of the fun. 

It's exciting. This week sees the finalising of casting and confirmation of student crew and getting them to work.

I feel like a filmmaker again.