Filmmaker In Residence Project: Pre-Production 1 (Locations)

The ghost of Peckinpah dragged us west and south. We visited one of our key location possibilities for Wilderness near Morvah in Cornwall and discovered it sits next to the setting of Trencher's Farm. 

Morvah, St. Buryan, Lamorna. We visited them all, looking for real opportunities and to draw on some of that maverick spirit. It was good to use that Straw Dogs energy as we bounded round the county even though our destinations and choices were mostly our own and very different, just as our tale is very different. 

Godrevy, The Roseland, St. Mawes.

The bottom of the road. 

It was encouraging and enlightening to spend time with students this week on the project. For me, it was a reminder of the distance between theory and practice. I teach the distance and I teach a lot of practice, in theory. To come face to face with the dusty realities was fun. It was also interesting to see how embedded so many top-level industrial ideas are in film students. I'm not sure where all that comes from. There's an expectation of a lot of time, money and a particular way of doing things that simply isn't redolent with how things get done in the main. It made me wonder if I was partly to blame and if I hadn't been completely thorough, complex and diverse in my teaching, and has caused me to reflect harder on my teaching practice. 

The students themselves are mostly engaged and interesting. One joined Justin, Bailey (my dog) and me on the road trip. Others came out for the script breakdown and on Monday evening we met them all away from the University to try and build the kind of crew camaraderie that will be needed to pull this off.

Now it's on to confirming locations, doing the risk assessments, further breaking down the script and starting the hunt for costumes and props. Oh and casting, that's next.