Filmmaker In Residence Project: Keep On Truckin'

It's been a big fortnight. We've sent out the casting call for the final day player we need and selected the actors we want to see in our big casting day for the lead and main supporting roles in a couple of weeks time.

We've hit the somewhat inevitable point in a creative project where the available funds don't match the original vision and projection. When I created this pilot I thought maybe we could turn it round for a certain amount of money. However, due to a variety of immovable factors - shoot time mainly, student crew numbers also - doing the project in the original planned form will cost more than I thought it could be done for.

This has resulted in the common creative project dilemma of reworking what the project is to align it with the available money. So we are doing just that. It's hard because of the proximity to the production period and the emotional and physical stress that the project is resulting in. 

However we are still on, we are still committed to finding a way and creatively the project is really exciting. So even if going forward the Filmmaker In Residence model has to evolve its parameters I am still only six weeks away from shooting my first feature. The School of Film & Television at Falmouth University is still supportive of my crazy plan and eager to make it work and happen as best it can. This is quite incredible in so many ways and I wonder what form it will take in the future once we get through this and work it all out.

That's for then though.

Now. The student crew is confirmed and we are all meeting up tomorrow. They are excited and eager, asking questions already, and raring to go. It feels good to be approaching production again.