Filmmaker In Residence Project: Post-Production 3 (Cast & Crew Screening and Beyond)

The project inches closer to its next phase, that of legacy, as the film is submitted to festivals and I start to collate the experience into academic outputs. I've met with my line manager about how to disseminate what was learned from doing this project, as we wait to see what form it would take in its next incarnation. I believe I have the basis for something that is truly groundbreaking and over the past couple of months I've become increasingly convinced there are filmmakers out there chomping at the bit to make films and that this model can feed that hunger. 

Recently, on October 10th, we screened the film for cast and crew, supporters and well wishers. It was a nerve-wracking evening but it went well. The film went down really well even though it wasn't (and still isn't) 100% done. There are some VFX fixes and sound mixing issues still to resolve. It was almost there though, and those very minor things didn't seem to impact people's response. Brutal, thought-provoking, well observed were some of the responses. That was exactly what we were going for. So that was good. 

It was wonderful to screen it in the Newlyn Filmhouse, a beautiful new addition to the Cornish cinematic landscape and be in the room with the people who made it happen. Be that through working on it, funding it, or giving us the love and support needed to realise it. 

There were and are negatives though, that need to be catalogued. Some of the students chose not to attend the screening, the screening of their first feature film credit, which was frankly baffling. Yes, even for someone who works in higher education with young people.

Also, some of the students and staff involved don't seem to care that it's not finished and that work they signed up to do isn't complete and will need to be outsourced, at personal cost, to professionals, so that no more time is lost on it and we can get the film out into the world. That surprises me.

It now goes out into the world, hopefully. We have exciting prospects longer term with Cornish screenings and a release, but for now I hope it connects with the wider film festival community and continues to resonate with audiences. I also hope all involved are as proud of the work we did as I am.