Media Education Summit 2015

It's been nearly two weeks since I returned from Emerson College in Boston, and the 2015 Media Education Summit. Upon my return I was thrust back into the day-to-day throng of end of term chaos. It feels a lifetime away now.

My trip to the US took in New York first where I had some meetings on behalf of the School of Film & Television at Falmouth, and myself, at NYU. As I develop my teaching I am looking more and more to give my students access to diverse international peers and help them share their work and seek support, critique and collaboration from around the globe. In this day and age it seems ludicrous to not try at least. The meetings were very successful and I hope that academic year 2016-17 will see the fruits of my labours, pedagogically speaking.

From New York it was on to Boston and my first Media Education Summit. It was great. I made some great contacts and, hopefully, good friends. It was a positive experience to be surrounded by teachers and academics passionate about media education, how it is taught and its societal role. I hope to make attendance an annual occurrence. 

Here's the link to my presentation slides:

And listen to me delivering my paper below: