Back To The Future

In my last blog post I briefly mentioned returning to a period of my life that I hadn’t visited in a while, in the form of Filmstock. Filmstock was, and is again. It is a film festival that ran in Luton between 2000 and 2009, running to 11 events in the town (plus one in Hungary) so far. From November 21-24 2019 we will present the 12th edition.

10 years since we shuttered, and 50 years since Woodstock, the event that inspired it all, it is happening again.

Things are coming together slowly. All the ideas and energy are in place and everything else seems to be slipstreaming nicely in behind that.

What we need now though, as any good film festival knows, is films.

So. Get submitting old friends, new friends, and friends not met yet.

As the good Dr would say - Cazart!