Bright Wall/Dark Room & The Need For Diverse Film Writing

One of the proudest achievements of my writing 'career' is the association I have with Bright Wall/Dark Room. BW/DR is an internet film magazine par excellence that has grown from a cult, idiosyncratic Tumblr to one of the most respected sites (as in location) for film writing online. It is featured on the acclaimed and is celebrated by the likes of Indiewire. 

I've been published once in the incredible magazine with a piece on The Broken Circle Breakdown and before that I had several pieces featured on the website. Writing for BW/DR is one of the most joyous and demanding and introspective challenges a film writer can undertake. I've had the privilege each time of being edited by the incredible Elizabeth Cantwell and I've always come out the other side a better writer and person.

My dream is to have a piece in the magazine illustrated by the mercurial Brianna Ashby, in-house artist. Her iliustrations are eye-wateringly good. 

The magazine is cheap considering the diversity, depth and emotional heft of the material they deliver each month. It's a recurring UK £1.49 per month subscription. 

However they, like so many ambitious and devoted cultural sites, are struggling to make it a going concern and continue the high quality output and ensure that the undertaking pays Brianna, the writers and doesn't kill the Svengali editor Chad in the process.

So yes, this has all been a pitch for cash. Each month they give a free article away to entice you in, and links to my pieces that are online can be found above. Though please, don't stop there. There are some incredible pieces by incredible writers that far exceed my modest offerings. I link you to them as a way of showing what they are about. But seriously, a subscription, or more vitally, a pledge on Patreon, can ensure the deserved and continued growth of a unique endeavour. I don't use that word lightly. There really is nowhere else like BW/DR. Don't let it die.