Spooky Sounds

Once the thrill of selecting records and playing them out to nodding heads and tapping feet has been experienced it's very hard to shift. It never leaves you, just lies dormant.

On Thursday night past I had the joy of participating in a vinyl night - 'bring your records, play your records' - at a groovy local coffee house. It wasn't DJing per se but it came close. And, it rekindled the fire and brought so many memories rushing back from those days when DJing was such a prominent part of my life. 

I played 6 tracks for the 'Spooky Sounds' Halloween themed night. The joy of unsheathing the plastic, laying the needle, lining the beat and flipping the fader washed over me like a warm wave. It felt good. 

I played:

Twisted Brain by The Surgens

Black Cat by Jarvis Humby

Ha Howa Ha Howa by Sexwitch

The Bloody Fruits Of Barrow by Brian Reitzell (from 30 Days Of Night OST)

Wizard Motor by Mogwai (from Les Revenants OST)

Puttin' On The Ritz by Gene Wilder & Peter Boyle (from Young Frankenstein OST).